Friday, March 28, 2008

Tools of the Trade

I have acquired a new tool of the trade. Well, it's not actually new, it's an old sewing machine but, it is a wonderful tool, nonetheless. Earlier this week I was looking through the classifieds and there it was . . . an ad for a Singer Slant-o-matic 401A sewing machine in a beautiful cabinet and in excellent condition. My dream machine was just a phone call away. I had done my research and I knew the claims about this particular model and I knew that they call it the best machine ever made. And now I know why. It sews like a dream, purrs like a kitten, it is versatile and it seems to do everything with ease. So, it is with much happiness that I add this machine to my collection. Of course, I was thrilled last year when I bought a Singer Featherweight 221-1, circa 1951. And the year before that it was a brand new Singer CG590 and the year before that . . . well, need I go on? The fact is, I love Singer sewing machines, especially the older ones. So, perhaps I will add another one or two to my collection along the way and it is my hope that someday, someone else will appreciate the charm, the quality and the craftsmanship of these wonderful machines.